Enjoy a lifelong memorable experience in this M12 Party Bus!

The M12 party bus is a large vehicle that can accommodate all your friends in comfort and style as you are driven off to your destination. This party bus is sophisticated and sleek from the exterior and fully equipped inside for nights in the town. Our knowledgeable and discreet drivers will ensure that all of the transportation details will be taken care of so that you can just keep your focus on enjoying your time.

Just like all the other party buses that are a part of our fleet, the M12 party bus is also customized to provide a VIP experience to our clients.

It’s features include:

● Accommodates 30­40 people

● Tinted windows

● Party lighting

● Sufficient room to dance

● WiFi

● Stereo sound

● Lounge­style seating

The Experience of California in this M12 Party Bus

The M12 party bus can be useful for numerous trips around California, such as wedding groups or wine tours. Nonetheless, this party bus is surely destined to establish the tone for a fun night out along with your friends. Visualize this M12 party bus arriving at your door after you’ve had a long tiring week of 9­5. You along with your friends can begin partying right at home, or our professional chauffeurs can pick everyone from their homes. You are whipped away to a completely different world from the moment you step into this party bus, and the tinted windows it has ensure that you enjoy complete privacy .

When you reach at a CA club district in this VIP party limo, the doors will automatically open up for you. You won’t have to wait in line while the bouncers allow others to pass before you! Whether you choose a nightclub, a megaclub, a swanky lounge, or an upscale dancehall, you will surely get noticed – and respected – once you arrive in style.

The greatest advantage of having your personal chauffeured party bus is that you can come and go freely as and when you please. Flare­up a nightclub and enjoy dancing on the tables. After that, take all your energy back to the awaiting party bus and go to another spot for a fresh dose of energy and good times. Our professional chauffeurs will always be attentive and prepared to take you to your destination.

We can also recommend you places where you can go to make sure that the night is truly a memorable one.

When you select Hummer Limo Orange County, be prepared to witness unmatched service. We promise;
· Spotlessly detailed and cleaned party buses

· Complete privacy and discretion

· Courteous and professional chauffeurs

· Ample knowledge of the club district, hot spots and local attractions

· State­of­the­art vehicles having luxurious features

· Ready to go all out for you!

Discover why we are a famous limo company within California! Make your reservations today of the M12 30­40 passenger party bus or take a look at the many other luxurious party buses that are part of our fleet. For more information give us a call now: (714) 909­1115

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