This is not an average party bus!

Do you have a large group of people and wish to have a good time? Just because there are so many people, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to travel in some ordinary bus or divide the group to be seated into multiple vans. Our ultimate party bus can accommodate 50 passengers pretty comfortably ­­ and it does that in style!

All our party buses are completely customized and designed in such a way so as to provide an ultimate party experience. A few of the many features of our 50 passenger party bus include;

● Club lighting

● Wet bar

● Entertainment center and stereo system

● Tinted windows

● Lounge­style seating

● Enough space to stand up or even dance!

The Experience of California in the 50 Passenger Party Bus

This 50 passenger party bus is not just made to accommodate many people, it is completely designed to support a great time. Our designers have given a lot of thought into the design of this party bus so that it can be suited for any kind of occasion. The comfortable seating makes it a good choice for group trips with friends or family. The luxurious interior it has makes it even better for wedding parties. Its entertainment center can let you watch on the flat­screen TV the pregame show inside the bus while on your way towards a sporting event.

Although this party bus can be used for many occasions, it is mostly popular for bachelor parties so that the boys can have the last crazy night out prior to getting hitched. All of the local hot spots and clubs in CA recognize our vehicles and chauffeurs. When you arrive at your destination in this luxurious 50 passenger party bus, a VIP treatment is guaranteed! This party bus is so huge that you can also pick some additional passengers along the way, having your own party while still on the road.

When you select Hummer Limo Orange County, be prepared to witness unmatched service. We promise;

● Spotlessly detailed and cleaned party buses

● Complete privacy and discretion

● Courteous and professional chauffeurs

● Ample knowledge of the hot spots and local attractions

● Safety, reliability, and pick­ups and drop­offs on time

● Ready to go all out for you!

Discover why we are a famous limo company within California! Make your reservations today of the 50 passenger party bus or take a look at the many other luxurious party buses that are part of our fleet.

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