Have the experience of your life in this 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Bus

Mercedes is one and the same with enjoyment and luxury – and this is exactly how you will feel in this 2015 Mercedes sprinter bus. The exterior of the Mercedes Sprinter Bus is discreetly sleek with its jet black color and tinted windows. As you will open the door, you’ll enter a completely new world. Imagine yourself in this expansive bus having plush leather seats, flashy music from the stereo system, cocktails as part of the wet bar…..

The details of this party bus are exactly what sets them apart from the rest and takes it a level further. The interior of this bus is filled with LED lights which give a club like atmosphere even before you reach your destination. Having flat­screen TVs inside the party van, you will remain entertained and in the mood all through the night.

Features of this 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Van
● Club lighting

● Stereo system

● Flat screen TVs

● Wet bar

● Privacy partition

● Tinted windows

● High grade leather interior

● Accommodates 11­13 people

The Definitive CA Party Experience

The 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Bus is lustrous and a very good vehicle that can take you anywhere, but it’s exclusively designed for parties. You will get the feeling of having your personal VIP club­on­wheels due to all of the whistles and bells on this luxury bus. Having a partition inside, you along with your friends can enjoy in complete privacy. The 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Bus is recommended for;

● Night out in the town

● Prom limos

● Bachelorette party limos

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